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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Children's Books

I have written one children's book (on computer paper) and imagined two other ideas but, I am the biggest procrastinator because I have little faith that I can succeed. I have set a plan in motion to see if I can change this. I call it growing up and just getting over it. :)

Pictures to follow. :)

Wow! Who new it took so much time and work to step into the world of writers, publishers, editors, illustrators, BOOKS! Sign up for this and that, pay to be apart of this and that.....

Number 7

Say Hello to the newest Morrow, Three month old Reengo is an American pit bull terrier mix. He is so calm in the house. He came with manners always sitting before his meals and laying on his bed during our meals. I am teaching him "On your feet" so he will stop sitting that way I can teach him to sit on command :)
Reengo gets his last shots in three days and then puppy kindergarten, her we come!